What we make


Strategy and Creativity

Our motto is “Life to Ideas“. Giving life, shape and substance to ideas: whether it is packaging, exhibition stands or internal functional spaces that communicate brand identity or advertise, this is the beauty of creativity, the vital element of all our work. Brainstorming is our keyword for finding original and effective solutions that are never obvious.

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Here at AD 010, paper sings. Not just paper but also PVC and other material supports that you can choose to convey your message. We can offer you much more than simple printed paper: a specific consulting service for Italian and international individual projects, original printed products and displays, created for new or existing projects. 

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Event Planning

Before the advent of Facebook, Instagram and the likes, events were the best social network. In fact, events still retain their social appeal today. They are key networking tools that enable companies to increase the number of business leads and strengthen relations with acquired customers.

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We create company videos for screening on national TV networks or at corporate trade shows and events. From defining storyboards to casting actors, we deal with all production phases of the video and the promotional activities that follow.

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Websites / E-commerce

We think of a website as a tailored suit with a perfect fit, which reflects the personality of the person who wears it and enhances their silhouette. Rather than arming ourselves with a needle and thread, we use web design and HTML to create tailor-made websites, with a special focus on the brand look&feel and its usability.

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Web marketing

“Your website will rank first on Google!” Sorry, we cannot promise you this* but we can guarantee that our team is always working to improve positioning on search engines using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools: defining keywords, editing optimized content, link building and optimizing the website structure.

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Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Periscope… and all those to come. 

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