• Easter 2017 recipes collection
    “Joyfully Easter”

Maiora srl is part of Consorzio Despar Italia and it is one of the main reality of Grande Distribuzione Organizzata del Sud Italia (the Big Organised Distribution of Southern Italy) with more than 400 stores, including both its own supermarkets and franchises, located in Puglia, Basilicata, Campania and Calabria. Following the experience developed with Di Vita magazine, Maiora has chosen AD010 in order to realize some exclusive collection of holiday celebration recipes to distribute them in its stores.

Easter 2017 recipes collection
“Joyfully Easter”

Easter has been interpreted through 5 different menus: the Gourmet one, from starred chef Felice Sgarra, the Traditional, the Light, the Vegetarian and the one especially designed for children. The menus were combined in this recipes collection by AD010, that worked behind the concept and the storytelling and took care of the photo shooting and the graphics.

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