Despar Italia

Despar Italia is the Italian consortium that brings together under the Despar brand six large companies of mass retailers and adheres to Spar International, one of the best known retail brands and popular in the world. Born in 1960, Despar proposes itself as a company that cares about the relations with the territory, the rediscovery of traditions and above all to respect every individuality. The link between Despar Italia and its people is renewed day by day with enthusiasm, spirit of innovation and desire to grow by more than four decades.

For Despar Italia, we manage all the major publishing projects: Di Vita magazine, the quarterly magazine distributed for free in Despar, Eurospar and Interspar stores, and the Annual Report, a publication that sums up the business results of the previous year. For Despar Italia, we are also engaged in the production of advertising campaigns and presentation designing for the most significant annual convention.

Other projects