AD010 - Communication Agency in Padova
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Long live ideas!

An idea alone, however incredible it may be, is not enough to change reality: we need to work hard over the years and rely on the right people if we want it to become great and have a long life.

Yet, from the time it is born to the time we see it become a reality, it is that very idea the thought that makes us creative, pragmatic, dreamers, innovators and forerunners.
Simply, alive.



Giving life, shape and substance to ideas: whether it is packaging, exhibition stands or internal functional spaces that communicate brand identity or advertise.


Here at AD 010, paper is all-important. Not only paper but also PVC and other material supports that you can choose to convey your message.


Before Facebook, Twitter & co., the best social network was an event. In fact, events still retain their social appeal today.


AD 010 creates company commercials and videos for screening on national TV networks or at corporate trade shows and events.


Give us an advertising brief and we will highlight your brand. This is our main goal that we achieve with an innovative strategy.


Instead of arming ourselves with a needle and thread, we use web design and HTML to create tailor-made websites.

Web Marketing

“Your website will rank first on Google!” Sorry, we cannot promise you this but we can guarantee that our team is always working to improve your presence online.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as Pinterest, Linkedin, YouTube, Periscope… and all those to come.

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